Prophetic Perspective

I have found in my time over the years being in a relationship with people God will often highlight things that I naturally know and he will give it a God perspective. One of the downsides to this that I encounter is that people will give me feedback, “You didn’t know that” which leaves me thinking they often give more credit to the unknown as it was for sure God and the other things that I would know about them through conversation or life is that could be God. I always try and balance my experiences with scripture and as I dwelt on this a story came to mind in 2 Samuel 7. David was having a conversation with Nathan in relationship questioning why he dwelled in the house of Cedar but the ark was in the tent. Was more said we don’t really know but Nathan’s response was very simple “God, do all that is in your heart for the Lord is with you”. That night the word of the Lord came to Nathan and he came back to David with details that the Lord gave him on Davids Heart’s desires! It was a God-given perspective on the situation that David was having in his natural life. In response, David received a promise that would establish Jesus to come out of the seed of David. His son also would see the fulfillment of David’s desire to build the house of God. It brought David perspective and a favored promise that affected humanity! 
In closing, people are meant to be exhorted and edified in a relationship with each other. That’s what makes the body of Christ so imperative to hear and give god given perspectives on people’s life situations. Don’t throw away what others know about you as just the natural mind but God gives us God thoughts about each other but are we paying attention!?