About Me

Alvin Kaufmann was born to a substance abuser and alcoholic mother. Miraculously he survived gangrene in his intestines and a long list of other issues. Alvin and his sister were adopted and raised by a Christian family. Both his sister and him went through school together and felt a few bumps from his early up-bringing. Alvin struggled with rejection issues, loving himself and finding identity. As a young teenager he was sexually abused and it wasn’t until his mid twenties that he finally started to face the facts over what happened. Alvin continued his spiritual up-bringing from his parents by being involved in an Evangelism program, Bible College.  At the age of 25 he got to attend his dream school, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. With Schooling and connections being made all-over the world. Alvin ran into an old friend, Adah at a camp he attended as a high school student. Adah and Alvin were married in the summer of 2014. They now have a 2 year old son, Isaiah with another along the way. Alvin carries a unique look at life from his incredible story as well as a heart to see the lost saved, broken healed and the Spirit of God impact lives today in the hear and now. He ministers prophetically and carries a heart to see young men and women be raised up in purity.