Episode 4 with Special Guest Jon “Razz” Lafromboise

Jon Razz of Harvest Culture Ministries joins me to talk about his passions in life. Seeing people saved through evangelism and deliverance. I found some of Jon’s videos on Facebook and from that I reached out to ask him to come on the show. I have purchased his CD series School of Deliverance 101 and it was ear popping. Jon has an incredible way of explaining things in a down to earth manner where it makes sense and its scriptural based. Find his stuff at harvestculture.com I really encourage you to purchase his products!

Episode 3 with Special Guest Jacqui Ford

Jacqui Ford joins me all the way from Australia! I met Jacqui in my travels when I attended BSSM in Redding, California.  I didn’t realize how many world changers I was rubbing shoulders with in my short journey there. I was always amazed at her testimonies on her Facebook page. She has seen taxi cab drivers experience the Love of God just from pouring out of the love in her heart. She comes at it from who she is not as a command and it is so refreshing to hear and see! Hope you enjoy my chat with Jacqui!

Episode 2 with Special Guest Kevin Penner

Kevin Penner joins us where he goes over some amazing healing testimonies. He is such a genuine Man of God and has not just a heart to see people healed but to experience the love of Father God. He also stresses the importance of reading the Bible through context! This episode was easy to record and flowed nicely with how easy-going and loving in nature Kevin is! I hope you all enjoy!

Find Kevin at Jesus Heals and on Facebook


Episode 1 with Special Guest Stephen Powell

In our first episode we sit down with Stephen Powell. He is a husband, father and  a Seer Prophet who travels to minister the Good News of Jesus Christ. Stephen not only preaches the word but sees many signs and wonders follow. It is a confirmation which point to a God who still moves in Power today! You can find him and his products at www.lionoflight.org! You will be enlightened and I pray a fresh new hunger would be stirred as you listen. Please forgive me as well! With Daylight Savings Time being a day earlier than we recorded we had to rearrange a time the same day so we were a bit rushed and short on time!